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PackIt Freezable Lunch Bags

PackIt Freezable Lunch BagsNew  Forget about carrying an ice pack to school, work, or on a picnic. PackIt freezable lunch bags go right into the freezer, with gel-lined walls that keep cold locked in for 10 hours. Available in two sizes and several patterns.

LunchBots Stainless Steel Food Containers

LunchBots Stainless Steel Food ContainersNew  LunchBots food containers are made of 18/8 stainless steel and feature leak-proof tight fitting BPA-free lids. They are also virtually unbreakable and a lightweight alternative to glass storage containers. Available in four sizes.

LunchBots Thermal Stainless Steel Food Bowl

LunchBots Thermal Stainless Steel Food BowlNew  For keeping one or two servings of soup or stew hot for up to 4 hours. LunchBots has thought of nearly everything with this food jar: a short, wide design is easy to eat out of; a tight-fitting lid is both leakproof and easily twists open and closed; and the double walled stainless steel design means there is nothing to break. Available in white only.

Good Grips LockTop Lunch Sets

Good Grips LockTop Lunch SetsNew  Packing lunches for work does not have to be a one-bowl affair. Good Grips LockTop lunch sets come in 3.8 and 5.5 cup sizes, and include a 2 ounce mini container, perfect for dressings or nuts. The 3.8 cup size includes a divider to split up the container further: pasta will never get soggy in sauce again. Made of durable BPA-free Tritan plastic, it is freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe, and the silicone lid fits tight and secure. Available in green and red.

Swedish Dishcloths

Swedish DishclothsNew  If you are using paper towels or sponges in your kitchen, it is time to switch to these Swedish dishcloths. Available in several mid-century modern inspired designs, they are absorbent, strong, and wash out in the laundry. They are more hygienic because they dry quickly, and can be reused many times.

Lodge Logic Cast Iron

Lodge Logic Cast IronLodge Logic Cast Iron cookware comes pre-seasoned, so it is ready for use as soon as you get it home. Still made in the USA, Lodge pre-seasons their cookware at high temperatures, creating a layer that typically takes more than a year to achieve. Our large selection is available as open stock to find the right solution for your kitchen.

Victorinox Swivel Block

Victorinox Swivel BlockNew  As far as knife blocks go, the Victorinox Swivel Block is fairly standard: dark walnut colour, space for 11 knives plus shears and a steel, in a classic design. But smoothly swivel it around, and there is a ledge with space for your favourite cookbook, magazine, or tablet. It is simple, ingenious, and very handy.

Peugeot Mills

Peugeot MillsClearance  Peugeot salt and pepper mills have always offered classic French design and quality construction that is equally at home on a traditional table setting or in the kitchen. Everything from growing the wood to final assembly of the mechanism is done in France, leading to beautifully made mills that function smoothly. A selected number of salt and pepper mills are now available on clearance, with our best prices on these solid mills.

Zojirushi Air Pot Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser

Zojirushi Air Pot Stainless Steel Beverage DispenserFor large picnics, office use, or even dinner parties, the Zojirushi Air Pot keep up to 3 litres—equivalent to 20 cups of coffee—at 76°C after 10 hours. To serve, simply push the top to dispense the liquid. All stainless steel construction will not hold flavours, and the removable lid makes it easy to fill and clean.

Prepara iPrep Tablet Stand

Prepara iPrep Tablet StandNew  Some of our favourite recipes come from food blogs, and more people are using their tablet in the kitchen. But kitchens are full of messy hands, and it’s tough to swipe with wet fingers or leave greasy smudges behind. The iPrep tablet stand includes a handy stylus that works with all tablets, making swiping and tapping easy and leaving the mess off your tablet’s screen.

Messermeister Knife Rolls

Messermeister Knife RollsIf you have ever spotted your favourite chef heading to work, you may have noticed them carrying a knife roll. Knives are among a chef’s most prized tools, so they rarely leave their side. Messermeister Knife Rolls offer all the protection knives need, with lined pockets for either 8 or 12 knives, a tough nylon exterior, thick foam core, zippers on 3 sides, and straps with locking clips. Available in several colours, these knife rolls will take you to cooking class, vacation, or your next dinner party in style.

Fermenting Pots

Fermenting PotsNew  Bacteria can be magic in the kitchen—when used correctly. Korean kimchi, German sauerkraut, pickles, and yogurt all use good bacteria to develop rich flavours, and a fermenting pot is essential for consistent results. Ceramic helps minimize temperature fluctuations, and a weighted lid adds pressure during the fermentation process. The design allows bubbles to escape, but air can’t get in. The size is just right to get started; pick up more as your newfound hobby grows.

Book: Real Food Fermentation

Book: Real Food FermentationNew  Fermentation expert Alex Lewin guides readers through preserving and bacteria in Real Food Fermentation. Starting with the basics and explaining the benefits of fermenting, it includes recipes to make sauerkraut and other vegetables, dairy, fruit, meat, and beverages. It’s a great way to start producing the salty-sweet-sour food that so many enjoy.

Evo Oil Trigger Spray Bottle

Evo Oil Trigger Spray BottleNew  Called the first trigger oil spray bottle, the Evo Oil creates an even, light spray of your favourite cooking oil, with no aerosols and no pumping. The 18 oz. capacity holds plenty of oil, and the trigger spray makes it easy to spray food or cooking surfaces with a light coating of oil. Add flavour to your meals and use it in places too much oil would overpower the food.


ThermoPopNew  As far as instant read thermometers go, the new ThermoPop is one of the cutest we have seen. But it is also smartly designed, with a big, backlit, rotating display, splash-proof design, and results in less than 6 seconds. The included case clips onto pockets, putting the ThermoPop within easy reach in a busy kitchen. Available in red, yellow, green, blue, and orange.

Pavonidea Silicone Bowl Covers

Pavonidea Silicone Bowl CoversNew  Silicone is such a versatile material, that it can be used just about anywhere in the kitchen. Case in point: the new Pavonidea silicone bowl covers are so much easier than struggling with plastic wrap, and create an airtight seal on glass, ceramic, and steel bowls. Plus they are microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and 350°F oven safe. See the sizes in store.

Wallies Chalkboard & Dry Erase Labels

Wallies Chalkboard & Dry Erase LabelsNew  These vinyl labels from Wallies have dozens of uses in the kitchen and around the home. Label jars, herb pots, and shelves, then wipe them off, or even remove and reposition them. They will not leave behind a sticky residue on most surfaces, but add a lot of character and rustic charm.